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Unrequited Death (Death, #6) - Tamara Rose Blodgett In trying to keep this review spoiler free I will not recap any of the happenings and instead jump straight into "review mode".

It's here at last. The end of Death. But does death ever really end? I'm not sure. The character growth is the biggest thing that happens in this book. They all grow up. Except maybe Jonesy, and I am unsure if he will ever lose that spark/snark that makes him, well, Jonesy. This is new adult. There is sex, there is cussing and even a small "drug" reference.
As always I love it when Ms. Blodgett goes teen with her big amazing writers voice.
Even the raw unedited form of this book flowed like a full edited book. The book does jump around in time and there are a few pov changes but everything still flows beautifully. There are hard knocks throughout the book and I may have sobbed at one point.

I can't say enough about this book, but I fear that I will say too much. However, I will say that this was a wonderful ending to the Death saga.

Now everyone join me in voicing your love of Gramps and the need for a Gramps back in the day Novella.
Oh and more Clyde.