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Echoes of Winter - Dominique Goodall This book follows Convel and Singer. Both Alpha wolves who have left their home packs for various and not so great reasons. Both are on a separate path that will lead them to their destinies. Both are strong, smart and willing to think outside of the box. That is where their similarities end. The cougars are a threat to the wolves lives and they are lead by a cruel leader. It is up to the wolves to stop them. Not just for their own good but for the good of the land.

Ok so two of my favorite books of all time are Call of the Wild and Watership Down. So I was super excited when I read the first few lines of this book and realized I was reading an epic tale from a wolves POV. Not an werewolf. A wolf. Period. I really love animals and I love learning about them. Even if what I am learning is fiction. I also love apex predators.

The character's are wolves but that doesn't stop them from being awesome. I was attached to them. More so than I am to human characters. I am just not a people person. These wolf characters are more dynamic than most characters and real life people I know.

I enjoyed the fact that, while the wolves do talk, the author also had to convey their thoughts and feeling physically. Talk about showing and not telling. Every nuance was given a physical trait and I could literally see them in my head. I am sure that I was making strange faces while going through the emotions that these characters go through. Groaning in pain. Grimacing, baring my teeth. Yep. I caught myself attempting to do all of those things while reading.

I love the woods. I love them. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my family and I wandering through the woods. The author did my recollections justice with the woods she had her wolves playing and living in. I could feel the coldness of the winter air, hear my feet crunching on the snow, and see the birds in the bare leafless trees.

This book is just rich in detail.
Morte was my favorite wolf character. She's suffered so much but keeps going because she still has love in her heart.

There were times in the book that the story would go into a lull and I would find myself drifting away but I would soon be pulled back in by an action scene.
Also my copy had some continuity errors that made it hard to follow. Sometimes names would be switched around Especially concerning Morte and Amore. These two are sister wolf dogs. Morte was injured and couldn't speak. She is covered in scars. A really intriguing character.
I was given a copy of this book for review purposes. This is my honest review of this book.