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Flutter (The Discover, #1) - Melissa Andrea The book opens with a young Sara, the Princess of her land, being taken from her parents as they prepare to be murdered. Instantly, the reader is set up to know that there is a bigger picture here. We know that we will be taken on a wild ride to discover what the heck is going on. We are given very little information about the how and why of her parents murder. Just that ‘they’ are after the Princess for her powers. Ohhh…I wanna know why!
By the next chapter our little Princess is all grown up and frozen in a body of water. Her hottie/wolf/ Prince Adan is searching for her. Why? We don’t know yet. The author seamlessly takes us through her panic and claustrophobia with just enough panic and dark humor to let me know that Sara is a girl I can love. Honestly, I was laughing out loud at some of Sara’s inner monologue with “Other Sara”.
Sara obviously escapes her ice prison (wouldn’t be much of a book if she didn’t ehh?). We follow her and her watcher/uncle Andres through the woods. They encounter a series of amnesia induced (caused by being frozen) mishaps. Don’t worry the wolf/prince saves her! As you can tell by the slashes littered throughout my character description, each character has more than one face that they take off and put on as needed. Other than Sara, who has no she is a Princess. And no this is not a product of her amnesia. Her watcher has kept this info from her all her life.
The characters are the right amount of complex. Not too complex that the story gets bogged down by trying to figure out which face they are going to wear from moment to moment. Just complex enough to keep the reader engaged. Each character, main and minor alike, is all given a sense of humor and every one seems to have an actual place in the story. No random filler characters here.
The author’s voice is the strongest when she is writing the scenes between Adan and Sara. The chemistry between the two literally jumps off the page. It’s hard not to get drawn in and fall in love with Adan. The bad boy/good guy. He could be all alpha hotness (hello, wolf) but he’s not over kill. He has that uber cool, sexy, sarcastic, hot, dangerous vibe without feeling threatening to the heroine. Awesome stuff, considering this is very firmly a young adult book. The kissing scenes are intense but the author stays on the YA side of the line. While the future books may, and very obviously can, venture into “new adult” Flutter is safe for younger readers.
The ending was great. It was just enough of cliff hanger to make me want more but not so much so that I was unhappy and mad that the author left me hanging like that. Nevermind…she left me hanging like that. BOOK 2 where are yoooouuuuuu?
My only real criticism is that there is a lull in the book. It’s very short. It was a chapter where I thought (much like Sara) “ahh am I ever going to figure out what is happening her.” Alas, it’s a series I will have to wait for some of my answers….
As a reviewer, I review on content alone. Spelling, editing and formatting errors never effect my overall rating score. I do this for both indie and traditionally published books. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my copy had editing errors in it. Well the first half. I downloaded the older version…there is a newer updated version that is a lot cleaner (which the author sent to me! Thanks!). It was nothing so serious that it took away from this ROCKING story. Mostly it was consistency errors, which we all know are easy to make. An example: the author switches back from using “My Wolf” to “my wolf” throughout.
This book has saturated my facebook profile. My personal and blog pages have been Flutter’d since the end of August. Look at that cover how could I not beg her to give me a copy (which I did)? I was impressed that it held up the hype. It is every bit as good as the cover suggests. This is another case of I WANT the second book NOW!