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Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas I actually finished this about a month ago. I am slacking at my goodreads so badly these days.
This is another one of those "holy crap I can't believe I am reading this" dark erotica books. Does it mind fuck the reader. Absolutely. The ending makes perfect sense to me...but it doesn't. Vague huh? Yeah it is. This book is full of shades of gray....and not that fucking kiddy bdsm shit. It's REAL intensity and REAL emotions. This isn't a love story. These aren't two fucked up people that randomly find each other and have sex like bunnies with some kink thrown in. This book is much darker and much more serious than that. SO if you are looking for a happy go lucky erotica...not this book. If you are looking to be blown away, to go on a roller coaster ride, and really want to scratch your head and say "What the fuck am I reading now? *with a hint of glee in your eye*" Then read this book. It will make you think, and not just with your lady bits.