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Trafficked: The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced into the Sex Trade - Sophie Hayes Trafficked is a book that I picked up via NetGalley. I was in the mood for some non-fiction, and the premise of this true story seemed to be one that I could read without being bored to pieces. What I found inside was the story of Sophie, and her hardships. While moving, it wasn't punch in the gut as I expected. Possibly because of my anthropology background I have come to expect the worst from the human race and am not surprised by the way we treat each other.
It's hard for me to rate this book fairly because it's not fiction, so I can't call Sophie unsympathetic as a main character as I would in a fictional book, because Sophie is a real, and not simply a character, and as people we are a lot of people, fully 3D. As an outsider reading her words and her story I was struck about how judgemental she was to her "johns", while at the same time worrying about how people would in turn judge her. Then I would slap myself back to reality.
In her situation, I would not like the men I was being forced to do these things with, even if they were not the ones forcing me. I think for Sophie it is easier for her to judge those men because they were not the monster she was living with, and the monster that probably still haunts her nightmares.
It's extremely easy for me to sit on my high horse, as someone who supports people who have alternative tastes (such as the man who wanted Sophie to kick him while he masturbated, and to whom she called a freak and weirdo) because I was not the one who HAD to take any and all clients against my free will.
What this book does is shows the "everyman" and general public that Human Trafficking isn't only in the third world. It happens everyday, in our own backyards, and Sophie is a person that middle class women can relate too. She is your everyday working woman, living the life of a young single professional, clubbing, having men woes, and just average.
Her story will definitely resonate to women who think it can't and won't happen to them. There are more dangers out there than the creepy no name, no face raper hiding behind the bushes. Sometimes those dangers have a face that is well known to us.
Sophie's tale was one of sadness and hope, I hope that through spreading the word about Trafficking she can help more women, men, and children forced into these situations.
Thank you Source books for the review copy.