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One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy Drew doesn't know Fable. He knows her rep. He knows he needs a girl, a girl like her. He needs her to weather the storm that is his home life. He just doesn't know that he needs her for real, not just for pretend. Fable lives life from moment to moment, feeling to feeling and paycheck to paycheck, so when Drew offers her a "crap ton of money" that she needs to keep her family afloat she can't say no. She doesn't realize that there is a lot more to Drew than a paycheck. She needs more than the money from him.

"Honestly, I don't quite know how we got to this point. I hated him on sight. I did this only for the money. I thought he was a fucked up mess. I still think he's a fucked up mess.
But so am I. And he's so beautiful, so thoughtful, so vulnerable."

This book is haunting. The plot while pretty predictable is unrelenting. It's heart breaking and beautiful. Drew and Fable are both complete and total messes. Neither one is really capable of dealing with the fallout of their feelings from each other. I love that they acknowledge that any relationship that they could form would be crazy. Doesn't change the fact that I was rooting for them. Fable can't save Drew. He has to do that himself. She's a tough girl but even she knows that he needs more than she can give him. It doesn't stop her from trying though.

Drew is conflicted. Beautiful and so, so messed up! The author writes him with such heartache that some of his scenes and lines make my chest ache. Do some of the things he says and does seem corny? Well, yeah this is me, zombie girl. But you romance nuts will go gaga over this boy. Hell, I'm gaga over him. (Truly, I'm a sucker for this romance crap...just don't tell anyone it will ruin my rep, mmkay?)

"'There's no going back," he whispers, as if he can read my mind.
I slowly not, too overcome to find words.
'Once I'm inside you, you're mine.;"

GRRR...Adele. She's the evil stepmom from hell. Seriously wish that she would fall off a balcony. I love that Monica wrote this character. She is so horrible and gross that I loved to hate her. Honestly, I would love to be the person who gives the push to cause her fall off of the balcony.
This books just works for me in ways that other's in this genre have not. I love it more than anything. I really, really, really just want to read it all over again, and I just finished it on Sat.

Is it April yet? I am soo ready for the follow up book.

I recommend this book for people who love books like Beautiful Disaster, Fifty Shades of Grey, Reflected in You. While the sexuality is not as graphic as those books, it's still full of steam. This book is intended for mature readers.