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Fallenmore - Lucy Swing This one badass motherfucking amazing book. Actual review to come. It will still probably have foul language in it.

Holy sh*t, mother loving, all things good, sugar spice and everything wonderful epicity epic that book rocked my socks off and melted my face. Hardcore!
Blake is my newest book boyfriend. Hands off. I may have to get moody and handsy with you if you try and steal him. I swear.
Lucy Swing took complexity, badassery, humanity and hot boys by the horns and just dominated the sh*t out of them. Not only did the characters grow and mature but so did her writing. I really liked the first book, I f*cking loved this book. L.O.V.E. (cue horrible Ashlee Simpson song). Brrrappp...that's the machine gun fire going off in my brain about this book. I read it in less than a day. 4 hours to be exact.
Jade is no longer a girl who is maybe a little whiney. She just does what she has to do. She's pretty blind about some stuff and quite honestly, gets herself into a bunch of trouble.

The book opens where the last book ends, kind of. Jade goes in and out of being awake. When she finally wakes Blake is there by her side. No longer a figment or shadow. He embraces the role of guardian and all around temptation. Jade avoids Claire and Nate like the plague. If she does get around them she feels the darkness entering her and she knows that she may kill them. She doesn't act on this whim because she will feel remorse. She does it because Blake often holds her back. He forces her hand quiet often he keeps her on the straight and narrow. He takes his shirt offfffffffffff......................................................................................................hmmm. What? What were we talking about?
I love that Ms. Swing is able to make her YA books STEAMY without even a brush of a boob. This is what I love about YA it's the build up...so freakin fantabulous.

I am done. I can't do this review anymore. I can't I will start spilling spoilers. The book ends on a cliff hanger and I WANT FOREVERMORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Lucy Swing for letting me devour your book!