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Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha I got this as an eARC from netgalley. It was totally worth it as well. I LOVED this book. Kit Rocha is really Moria Rogers. This is their first non paranormal book together and they choose a different pen name to go by.
While the blub claims to be a dystopian don't get your hopes up for a cool detailed super amazing world. As a matter of fact it didn't have a very dystopian feel to me what so ever. It was more badass gang futuristic feeling than anything else. The characters were all great and interesting. Oh and hot. Really really hot. The authors really shine with their erotic elements. It's dirrrtyy. But a clean dirty. Well not really, but the sex, and bdsm is all 100% consensual! Which to me rocks! If you are looking for a wonderful fantasy, full length, futuristic, romantic, erotic book then you will want to pick this one up.