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Ever Shade - Alexia Purdy I had a breakthrough last night while devouring the last 80% of this book. I finally understand Alexia's writing style. Some reviewers (including myself) have stated that the first part of her books are a bit slow. I said that about Reign of Blood (which haunts me. I cannot stop thinking about it) and others have said it about this book. I don't necessarily think that this is what is actually going on. Yes, they are slow moving. But little do you know that Alexia is weaving her magic word spell. When I picked this book up Sunday night I couldn't focus on it. I put it down after only reading it for a half an hour or so. I thought that it hadn't captured my imagination yet. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn't STOP thinking about this book. I didn't even realize I was hooked. Life/the blog/my job got in the way of me reading Sunday night and it was driving me batty.
Alexia is so sublte when introducing her story and characters. She doesn't open with fireworks and flashes. She weaves a truely addictive story.
This fae world is unlike any other one I have encountered. I don't read a lot of Faery stories. As a matter of fact, up until now I thought Julie Kagawa pretty much was the be all and end all of the fae and dreamy fairy boys. I WAS WRONG. This book is so much more. Ms. Purdy's world is darker than most supernatural books I have read. Shade is not playing on her home court and it shows. If that girl hadn't had some major help she would never have made it out of there.
The male fae (with an exception) oh, be still my beating heart. Dreamy!
I'll be honest I was not impressed with Shade throughout most of the book. I don't think we are meant to be. Maybe city girls can sympathize with her being throw into the wilderness but I found her whining....well annoying. My opinion of her competely changes by the end of the book.
Off to read Ever Fire!

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