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Ever Fire - Alexia Purdy I loved Shade in this book. She really really grew as a character. She is finally getting some gumption. I can't wait to see where Alexia takes her next. She is absoloutely the star of this one. My favorite fae boyfriend was absent through most of the book which allowed Shade to take front stage. She is learning her powers and becoming less frazzled. This book has no "slow parts". The characters and storyline are already established so Alexia just jumps right in where Ever Shade left off. The list of baddies is growing and not everything seems to be black and white for a few of them. We still haven't met the big baddie Aveta face to face but Shade has. Judging by Shades exerpince we are going to LOVE seeing Shade take her on once she comes into her powers. Even though my favorite boy fae wasn't in this book, the second best steps up to the plate. We get to see more of him and I am not all that impressed. Once I choose a character I am loyal to that one.
Overall this book was well written, a thrill ride and, well, just amazing! I cannot wait for Ever Winter.

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