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Ashes - Ilsa J. Bick Really interesting take on "zombies". It is a fast read and hard to put down. It is well written but lacks in some character developments. Maybe she will focus on those other charcters more in the following two books. I can't wait to see what happens next!
This is a book I keep coming back to and rereading. I loved it even more the second and third time around. It is fast, interesting and different. I love both Tom and Chris. Alex is a smart strong character that has the instinct to survive without losing her humanity. She unwilling to settle down and keeps serching for those she loves even knowing shes's going to be facing danger.
The book begins with Alex going on a hiking trip. The reader learns that Alex is fighting a losing battle with a brain tumor and has recently lost her parents. What makes this worse is that brain tumor is eating away her sense of smell. With that sense gone she is slowly losing memories of her time with her parents. On the hike she meets Ellie, her grandpa and thier dog. Ellie has also just lost her father in the war. She is clearly not coping with it well and has a serious baditude. Shortly after meeting Ellie and her g-pa a massive EMP goes off. Causing the old guy to die right there on the spot. Ellie is so freaked out that she refuses to leave with Alex to head to the rangers station to get to safety and get answers. En route they meet Tom. But not after stumbling upon some brain zapped teens (on a school camping trip) eating their teacher. Tom, Ellie and Alex make it to the rangers station and stay there for awhile. They feel it is in their best interest to leave. After they leave the safety of the woods all heck breaks loose and through various circumstance they get separated.
It is then that we meet other characters some bad and some good. We get a little background on each character but not enough to feel like we really know anyone except for Alex. This maybe intentional on the authors part to show how hard it is to maintain relationships in this brand new messed up world. The cliff hanger ending was so frustrating because I was really wrapped up in Alex's story and then boom end of book. Ahh I can't wait for the next installment.