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My Sweet Audrina - Virginia C. Andrews I literally have not touched this book in years. And I mean years. But when I was younger I read it so much that it literally fell apart and is being held to together by masking tape. I loved this book for several reasons. It didn't have any of the strange incest. It was still creeping and deals with rape so it's not entirely appropriate for anyone under say 15ish. It was the only one of V.C. Andrews books that was a stand alone without 18 thousand sequels, prequels and add ons. Lastly, it's one of the few books that V.C. penned herself. I used to know all the books that she wrote before her death. I'm pretty sure it's this one. The original Flowers in the Attic series, and the Heaven series. I don't think she quite finished that series though.
This is great classic book that I am sure will find its way into my hands for another abuse, I mean reading, one day. I only hope that it manages to stay together so my daughter can go through the teenage girl right of discovering V.C. Andrews. I'll hide Twilight until she has finished these.