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Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts
This is an adult book. So therefore this review is also very adult in nature. This book makes me want to rethink my review policy. Almost. I won't change it but Oh. My. God. OH MY FUCKING GOD was this book hot. *Pants* I'm not kidding ya'll. It was....words can't even describe. I have lost my fucking mind.
I have resisted the "charms" of Christian Grey, Travis Maddox, and Gideon Cross to fall in love with Caleb. What is wrong with me? This man kidnaps women and turns them into sex slaves. Yes, really. Calm down Lori. It's fiction. I just really don't know where to take this review. I really don't.
Let's start from the beginning. I had every intention of doing this book as a read along. I even took notes in my kindle for the first four chapters. Then I. Just. Lost. It. I lost it head over heals, gone gone baby. My reasoning skills, my sanity, my whole entire person...thrown out the window. Head over fucking heels. Head over heels. Kitten, and Master (aka Livvie and Caleb) so much chemistry. So much. And it's complicated. So so complicated. How do I, as a feminist, cheer for a guy like Caleb? How? And yet. Yet, I did. I was seriously like, come on--the reason she is so special is because you have it baaadd for this girl, and in some sick twisted and amazing way she has it bad for you. Me too Caleb me too. I have it bad, the Caleb fever.
Why isn't this book on the NYT best sellers list? Where are the publishing houses beating down CJ Roberts door? This book is so much better than any of those other popular dark romances/erotica novels out there. The writing was amazing. I am already into the second book and my heart is in my throat. In my fucking throat. She can not be doing what I think she is doing. Nope. That is for another review though.
I could yammer on about the world building, but honestly. They spend 85% of the book in a shitty bedroom only lit by nigh lights. Be prepared to feel trapped. I did. Caleb was our (mine and Livvie's) only source of light in the darkness. How fucked up! He is the same man that beats her with a belt.
Just know when you go into this book that it is very dark, and filled with dubious consent. If you cannot stomach those things then don't say I and the author didn't warn you.