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Forever Changed - Tiffany King What can I say. I'm a sucker for Tiffany King's love stories. She gets me right through the heart.I HAVE to read her soulmate series now. THis book was beyond amazing. While the feminist in me is lamenting that the girl in this book gets pulled out of her personal darkness the hopeless romantic in me is sighing. I am no Anastasia Steele. I don't do inner monolouge. LOL. Back to the story. Yes, she gets pulled out of her darkness by a boy. But really Kass is a strong girl without Maddon. We see that. I think there is so much deeper meaning in King's stories. It's about the love and loss of family. Sometimes the families suck....think WISHING FOR SOMEDAY SOON here. Overall there is good in family. Sibilings, adoptive families (aunts). It's really that kind of love that pulls her heroines through. They know they have self worth because so many depend on them. It's beautiful. It's also a wonderful feeling to be loved outside of your family. I think that's what the romance part is saying. Maddon didn't install Kass's sense of self worth. He just helped Kass find it. She was shattered and he and her remaining family pulled her back together. Tiffany King has a new fangirl. Hello, my name is Lori Parker and I have no less than 6 author crushes. I think I have a problem. :D