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The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride (Vampire Bride, #2) - Rhiannon Frater To quote Lady Glynis "It was beautiful and terrible, wondrous and horrific, healing and painful."
This book is a much lighter read than the first book. Many things make it so. Glynis is her own person and living on her own. Vlad has been incapacitated throughout most of the book. Glynis is happy, but her happiness is not complete. She cannot be with the one that she loves the most.
I LOVE Glynis. She is by far the best female lead that Rhiannon has ever written. She is Jenni (ATWD) and Maria (BASTION) and so much more. She is strong, independent, kick ass, and a lady. Despite her vampire exsitence she maintains her virtue (well mostly). She grows so much in this book. Without a man behind her she finds her own footing and despite everyone handling her with kid gloves manages to fuck up her life and fix her own fuck ups.
Astir s/he is amazing. I literally could not figure this fallen angel out. S/he plays games for seemingly no reason other than her own amusement. It's quite frustrating.
Two new characters are introduced in this book. They add so much depth to Glynis's story. Laura, the daughter of slimy Stephen and Percy. Both are taken with Glynis and she is taken with them. At times I wondered if Percy had shady reasons for befriending Glynis. He seemed to be hiding something throughout the book. I was not surprised by Lauras revelation but was pleased with it. Rhiannon is someone that embraces all types of people in her life and her work. She shows her characters and fans compassion. I will not say more than that. I don't want to spoil the fun. The first book was a dark and beautiful ride that I loved. This ride was pure joy. It kept me guessing. I absorbed this book today. Every chance I got I was reading. It is yet another cannot put down book by Rhiannon Frater. I highly recommend this series.