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Rise of the Horde (Zombie Attack! #1) - Devan Sagliani Whoa! This book is a super exciting fast paced trip! I enjoyed it greatly. From page one you know what we are getting into. The author instantly tells the reader "Hey listen, this is a zombie book and this is the kind of zombies we have in these pages." What kind of zombies are they? Uhh the awesome kind duh. We all know that the teeny bopper zombie love intrest novel no longer hold any interest for me. I want my zombies scary as hell! The zombies in this book can be scary as hell. To be honest though the people that Xander, Felicity and Benji meet are scarier. Their flight is filled with nefarious peeps. It really is one of those action packed rides that you can't put down. Xander and gang flee creeps and zombies.
The writing itself was great. It held my attention and for a debut novel there were surprisingly very few typos. I can't comment on grammer because, well, umm my grammer is shitty. But I think it was good too. There were no parts that tripped me up because of clunky sentence structure.
Benji and Xander are great. They have banter. They have depth. With all three main characters at times it is hard to gauge their real age. Which the author tells us. Sometimes both Benji and Xander seem a lot younger than their real ages. Felicity Jane seems a lot older. Poor girl has seen her share of hardships though.
If you're looking for lots of gruesome zombie slaying, well, there are moments in this book that do have zom slaughter in them. It's not the central theme. It's more or less the overeaching arc of the story line. It didn't make the story any less enjoyable for me.
So why only 4 stars? Well I just wanted more. I didn't connect deeply with Xander and there we a few huh? parts. Don't think that means that the story is confusing and clustered. It's not. It's just that this is part of a series. Devan can't give away all of the goods in this book! So will I be buying the next book? Hell yes I will. Without a doubt!

**Personal note. Devan seems like a totally super awesome guy. He wrote the first draft listening to G'NR's Appetite for Destruction!!! The second pass through included some Metallica! Random Lori factoid: My first concert at the age of 13 was Metallica. Yep. My parents are cool. My second concert was Ja Rule (LOL).