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Crimson Groves - Ashley Robertson When I started Crimson Groves I totally thought I was going to give this book 3 stars. I liked it but I was not in love with it. Once I got over the hump (which is only a few short chapters) I was sucked in. I was invested in Abby's story. I was cheering for her. I wanted that creep Bronx dead as a doornail and I wanted Abby to kill him. I was cheering, laughing, groaning with the story. I hid in my bedroom, I hid in the bathroom, I hid wherever I could just to be able to read more of this book. My poor daughter was neglected because of Abby. LOL. What a wild ride. Bronx was a beautifully written. He was honestly the most rounded out character, and I hated him. Abby was relatedable. I loved Stone. I didn't like Tyler. I can't even tell you why and why not I didn't like any of these characters. There is no way to do so without giving away too much.
This book was well written and edited. No distracting typos. You can tell that Ms. Robertson cares about her characters and her fans. She truly has a knack for writing the supernatural. She writes monsters but gives them humanity. Or not. Depending on the need of the story. While these books are more romance than horror she CAN write horror. She has a true monster here in this book. Her vampires are completely cabable of horrible things. They are also capable of love. I cannot gush enough about this book.
I cannot wait to read the next book. Thank you Ashley for seeking me out to review your books. I greatly enjoyed them.