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Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) - Sylvia Day Ok 3 Stars for the first half of the book and 4 for the last half. I found the first half extremely mock worthy and you will see that reflected in our group read on the blog (I'll let you all know when we get that up).

This book gets a lot of comparisons to Fifty Shades of Grey. I see those similarities. Eva=Ana=Bella (kinda) Gideon=Christian=Edward (most definately). This is a fucked up co-dependent relationship. You NEVER know if the characters are making up or breaking up. They are instantly in lust/love with each other and the Male MC has major creep/stalker tendancies which are not hot at all. Women of the world. We are people too. We deserve space and privacy.
So you ask what makes this different. Eva has a real backbone. She stands up to Cross. On several different occasions. However, she does have a tendency to cave...so there is that. She tells him to fuck off. Walks away from him when he pisses her off and makes demands that she actually expects him to comply with. Sometimes she gets her way and most of the time she doesn't. The arguments and solutions usually end up in Cross's favor but the fact that she is willing to slap him and tell him to go screw himself is a major step up. Cross is super creepy. Like seriously a major stalker. Is he as bad as Christian Grey? I don't know but he is very close.

There is a very very disturbing scene in this book that was absolutely horrible. Cross attempts to sleep rape Eva in his and her sleep one night. Eva wakes up thinking it's a nightmare of her former step brother raping her I'm trying to weigh if this is more horrible than the outright abuse in Fifty. In some ways yes and in some ways no. But mostly yes. And mostly due to the authors handling of it. It's in there as shock value. It adds absolutely nothing to the story. Sure it shows us Cross is seriously fucked up...but we already knew that. She took this horrible thing that men and women suffer from...threw it out there and then kinda swept it under the rug. I really hope she fixes this and addresses it in a more mature way in the next book. Does it add a bit more seriousness to the story maybe. But not in the way it was handled in the aftermath. Literally, maybe 5 sentences are given to it after the fact.

The writing was decent in this book. There were a few clunky sentences here and there. The author likes to use big words and tends to be on the wordy side. Oh well. Are there annoying phrases repeated over and over again? Yes. The sex speak is crude and absolutely hilarious. The sex scenes get a little redundant and at one point Eva has 4 orgasms in one sexual sitting. They literally hump on every other page. I get it he's hot and amazing in bed...but can't he mix it up. This is the order of their sex. Cross or Eva--I wanna fuck. They kiss. He sucks/bites her nipples. He goes down on her. She has an orgasm. He finger bangs her. She has an orgasm. They have good ole missionary style sex. He rotates his hips. And goes so deep with his giant dong that he can feel it against his stomach from inside her. She has an orgasm. He says Eva "what the fuck are you doing to me" or "fuck Eva". Then he has an orgasm. But (all you Fifty Haters--I'm right there with ya) there is NO fucking inner goddess. There is no mention of her subconcious. She doesn't say "oh my" or "holy cow".

Ok now that I have thought about it this is a pity 4 star review. I'm marking it up because it's NOT Fifty. It has its own issues but given the fact that Eva is a surviver and a fighter was just awesome to me. I just wish the author would let her actions back up her words more often. It's not the character that's flawed...it's what the author is doing to her. It's time we stop expecting women to bow down to rich, handsome, and powerful men.

Oh--you want some quotes for me to mock....Well I used all my good ones in the group blog. But I think I can pull some out of my notes.
"'Oh, Eva," he crooned, running his index finger through my slick-cleft. "Look how greedy you are for me. It's a full time job keeping this sweet little cunt satisfied."--My mom would hate this guy. She had a boyfriend that used to beat the shit out of her, and when he was doing it he would call her a cunt. Me-I'm a feminist. I've come to terms with societies reality of this word. And the origins and reality-reality of this word. Just go read Cunt by Inga Musico already.I still don't love the word because of the personal connection it has for me.
Oh mockery---right. Well let's just say that the way he talks is LOL worthy.
"Romance isn't in my repertoire, Eva. But a thousand ways to make you come are. Let me show you." --I literally just fucking fell on my back and wanted this guy. Wow. I mean seriously he just used a big word in a sentence while talking about sex. If that isn't seduction I don't know what it is. Let's just gloss over the fact where he pretty much tells women he has no intrest in them as humans worth spending time with. But damn they sure are great for cum catchers.

Eva has had a trying day so she does what any sane woman does. Buys thirty chocolate candy bars and proceeds to shove them in her face. Cross corners her in the elevator and wipes chocolate from her dick trap (aka mouth) and this is the magic that happens. "He sucked on the pad (of his finger) and purred, 'Chocolate and you. Delicious.'" My 2 year old daughter does that to me when we are eating chocolate. Only I think she has more intelligence than Cross because she say yum yum yum delicioso chocolate. In Spanish and crap.

Eva has turned his world upside down. He repeatedly tries to get her to "cum to him" (my words...but still it's pretty much in theme with the book) and is constantly making him come to her office. Were they can make arrangements to fuck. But when Eva finally decides that she wants a 'fucking' relationship with him (pun intended) he gets all pissy at her when she comes on to him.
"'Christ." He shoved both hands through his hair. 'It's the middle of the fucking day. In my goddamn fucking office!'"--Well stop calling her to your office to entice her with your sex goddness. He goes from being uber sex god in the beginning of this book. To claiming that he and Eva have had more sex than he has had in years. Excuse me--but I find that hard to believe from a man who has a 'fuck room' reserved at a hotel.

At the end of the day this book is what it is. It's seriously good in some parts. And seriously fucked up in others. I will be reading the second book so we can figure out what the fuck happened to him to make him so fucked up.

PS the review of this on the blog has a sweet 80's music video. Way more cussing and less typos. Check it out: http://contagiousreads.blogspot.com