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The Visitors: SEASON ONE (Episodes 1-5) - Logan Rutherford Charlie Freeman is a normal mouthy teenager. He gets himself in trouble. Gets suspended. Texts on his iPhone and plays his xbox.
The Good:
This book was interesting. I loved the story. Logan Rutherford wrote a very gripping story that was almost impossible for me to put down.
The writing was good. It wasn't phenomanal but Logan is still young (17) and this book shows great promise for his future.
Charlie Freeman is completely believable. He sounds and acts just like a real teenage boy. That is because Logan is clearly a real teenage boy. I loved that. It made the story seem more authentic to me for some reason.
The Grimms are awesome. And by awesome I mean scary. They are zombie aliens. Uh how cool is that.
There are some real Laugh out loud moments in this book.
There are some heartbreaking moments in this book too.
The Bad:
The beginning was hard for me to get into. However, I think that was because I had to adjust to a teenage POV. Meaning I had to get used to the teenage thinking, word usuage, and mentality.
This book is short. Really short. I felt like we only got scratched the surface of this story.
Charlie gets over the disappearance of his family pretty easily. Of course this could be because Logan had to fit a lot of information in approx 55,000 words.
I will be reading the sequel to find out what happens. I am invested in these characters.