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Blood Singers (Blood, #1) - Tamara Rose Blodgett This book is a wonderful coming of age story. Julia is incredibly strong female character that withstands more than her share of trauma. The book is well written with a very few very small typos but not enough to cause concern or distract from the story at all. The characters are realistic. By the end of the story you feel like you know them. It is definately a new take on a very familiar concept. Who hasn't read a book about vampires and werewolves? Each group is given equal page time and are amazingly dynamic. I definately was rooting for the vamps in the begining. Then I was rooting for Julia and Adi's friendship. Then I was like 'yeah go Blood Singers'. Tamara created a new story without rehashing the same ole same. The ending ahh I wanted to keep reading and reading and reading. I was like seriously she's going to make me wait for another book! I know that I will be rereading this before the next books come out! I would say this is another great to start to what is to be another one of my favorite series! I should also mention that this book was a gift from the author. I would have bought it myself and devoured it had she not I love her work that much!!