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Tommy Nightmare - J.L. Bryan I fell in love with Jenny Pox. I loved her story. The first few chapters of this book are spent introducing us to Tommy and his special ability to spread fear. We learn of his horrible childhood and his troubled youth. We follow him on his quest to find Ashleigh Goodling his opposite and Esmerelda the death talker. He finds both despite Ashleigh being dead. Then the three of them hatch a plan to take down Jenny and Seth. We also meet briefly Alexander Death.
What I loved:
Jenny is even more troubled now that she has killed half the town. Her memories of her past lives does not ease her suffering. They further her resolve to never use her power. She often dreams of her ancient life in Greece. She finds not only a man who she thinks is Seth there but also Ashleigh and Tommy. There her powers are used to take down the leader of Athens by the King of Sparta (Seth?). I loved these flashbacks. They were so rich. They added to the story rather than distracted the reader from the main plot line.
Ashleigh/Darcy/Esmerelda are the same dasterdly villian we love to hate.
The ending was once again surprising and a bit unexpected. At first you think Alexander is coming for Jenny. Then we think he is coming for Esmerelda. Who he picks is not who I thought it would be. Jenny complements him and Esmerelda is his opposite. So it's a toss up until the end.
Uhh there are zombies---duh! I love zombies even if they are just briefly used.
The writing was fantastic again. Once we got into the heart and soul of the story I couldn't put it down.
What I didn't like:
Tommy's first half of the book seemed to drag for me. That is probably because I wasn't invested in his story like I was Jenny and Seth's.
Jenny and Seth seem to be growing distant in this book. I missed thier chemistry. This is the author's design though. His introduction of Alexander is really going to throw us, Jenny and Seth for a loop. Which I am looking forward to. I'm a sucker for a good love triangle.
Once again this book is not really intended for young readers. I would say the material is YA-M/Adult. Or in movie terms NC-17.