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Alice in Deadland (Alice in Deadland, #1) - Mainak Dhar When I first saw this title on Amazon I jumped at the chance and downloaded it immediately. I did not want to forget the title and miss a chance to read it. I was not dissapointed by the book. Granted I wasn't expecting to find the next Hemmingway or literary masterpiece by any means. Of course, it didn't hurt that it had zombies. It is a book about a young girl named Alice who lives in a wasteland that is surrounded by biters (zombies). It is a place where young people grow up fast. They are no longer worried about such small things like whether they have the best cell phone or they have the right kind of shoes. They are greatful to be alive and out from under the overreacting Red Guard and thier merecenary groups. After following a biter with rabbit ears down a hole she soon learns the horrible truth about how humanity died. Under her leadership she forms an army of biters and humans and works to fight off the big bad government.
You have to slug through some pretty rough spots in the writing but I did so because the idea of the book is gripping. I couldn't put it down because I was waiting to find out what happens next. Alice faces many life changing decisions that not only effect her future but thousands of others. Like I said the writing was ok and it was pretty fast paced at points and had some decent action scenes. I feel like the author was trying to paint a bigger picture and commentary on todays' society but it got lost somewhere. Did I enjoy the book? Yeah. Will I read it again? Probably not. Do I feel like I wasted a dollar? Not really. I've spent more on some serious pieces of trash. I guess what I am trying to say is the idea of this book is genius. The execution...not so much.